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For those of you new to the site welcome, my Windows CE pages have been around since December 1996 just one week after the launch of Windows CE 1.0. If not the first then it was very close to being the first non-vendor site to cover Windows CE. For those regular visitors to the site sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months.

In the early days I was able to spend more time manually updating the site and writing reviews as well as helping vendors beta test products etc. As life has gotten much busier I had to find a way of maintaining the site that meant others could contribute sites and I could concentrate on providing personal comments and reviews on the site, with that in mind since April this year I've been looking at different database systems to keep the site together and manageable.

So here it is the fruits of my efforts over the years, over 1000 CE links all categorised to hopefully make it easy for you to find things.

If you want to add a link to the site then you are welcome to do so. If you run a Windows CE Website, sell Windows CE products or have a localised page in a non-english language here's how to do add a link.

Go to the section you want to add the link to then click the "Add a link" button, I'll then check out the link and add it to the site. If a section doesn't exist or you think a link should be moved to a different category then drop me an email.

The countries section of the site is for non-english language sites, as I don't speak these languages if you have a localised description email me if you are the site author and I'll add the description.

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My goal has and will remain to give users links to the best Windows CE sites on the Internet.

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