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There is a great demo of the Auto-PC on the Clarion Site below, Here is a copy of the press release that went out in January on PR Business Wire.

It's just been announced that in certain places in the USA you'll be able to buy the Clarion AutoPC, more details on the Microsoft Web site.

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Clarion Corp. of America, a world leader in the car audio and electronics industry as well as the developer of the first car multimedia system, Thursday introduced at the International Consumer Electronics Show the Clarion AutoPC, the first product that integrates car audio, computing functions, navigation and wireless communications through hands-free voice activation into a 1-DIN unit in the dash of an automobile.

The Clarion AutoPC, built on a revolutionary open architecture platform and powered by the Microsoft Windows CE operating system, demonstrates Clarion's aggressive commitment to developing a new generation of mobile multimedia products that converge car audio with personal computing. "The Clarion AutoPC fulfills our promise of interconnectivity for the automobile - to bring to market a solution that allows motorists to drive more efficiently, safer and smarter than ever before," said Jim Minarik, president, Clarion Sales Corp.

"We've strategically aligned with Microsoft Corp. because it is recognized as the world leader and innovator in developing computer software and establishing operating system standards. This relationship represents the convergence of the automobile and computer industries, with Clarion at the forefront."

"One key aspect of the innovation behind the Clarion AutoPC is its utilization of Universal Serial Bus (USB) architecture, allowing for compatibility with other USB products designed for true interconnectivity," said Terence Mullin, vice president, marketing and business development, Advanced Technology Division, Clarion Corp. "This provides limitless opportunities for hardware and software developers to create and market customized products that consumers want and need - today and tomorrow. This is the beauty of an open, flexible platform."

The Clarion AutoPC is a high-powered AM/FM stereo with integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equalization and a built-in 35 watt x 4 channel amplifier, which comes standard with Windows CE, Hitachi SH3 processor and 8 MB DRAM/8 MB ROM.

The unit also boasts the first ever in-dash Clarion quality USB CD audio and CD-ROM drive, which supports an optional six-disc CD/CD-ROM changer. The backlit, 8-color LCD screen provides consumers with an easy-to-read, icon-driven user interface.

Embodying Clarion's 1998 theme, "Drive Smart," the Clarion AutoPC was designed with safety, efficiency and convenience in mind. The unit recognizes more than 200 simple voice commands, allowing consumers to interact with the unit without ever taking their eyes off the road. With its text-to-speech application, the Clarion AutoPC can provide status information and assistance, such as turn-by-turn directions or E-mail alerts, through "speech synthesis" and text information presented on the unit's display.

To make finding destinations easier, the Clarion AutoPC comes standard with a basic point-to-point navigation system that provides route calculation from a user-specified starting location and destination, as well as accurate turn-by-turn directions. Other built-in applications include an address book, mileage log and a hands-free voice memo feature.

The Clarion AutoPC supports an optional Compact Flash Memory Card that can be used to expand the on-board memory as well as provide an interface for other products such as paging and hardware accessories that conform to the Compact Flash Memory Card specification. Also included is an Infrared Data Port enabling easy exchange of data to and from a handheld PC.

A number of hardware accessories will also be available for the Clarion AutoPC, and many more applications are on the way to make driving safer and easier. One such accessory is the Cellular Phone Cradle interface with modem, compatible with many of today's most popular cellular phones, that allows for hands-free, voice-controlled operation.

The optional Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver works in conjunction with the built-in navigation system to provide automatic starting point identification and location updates. The GPS accessory, coupled with the cellular phone interface, enables access to road-side emergency services, such as providing directions when lost and pinpointing the location of a 911 call for immediate assistance. Utilizing wireless "push" technology, the Clarion AutoPC's Wireless Receiver option allows consumers to receive an array of customized information, such as real-time traffic, news updates, numeric paging, voice and E-mail alerts, all using text-to-speech technology.

To protect the car and Clarion AutoPC inside it, an optional Clarion/Ungo security system is under development. This system, which integrates seamlessly through USB connectivity, provides consumers with all the features found in other high-end Ungo security products, such as Electronic Logicsensor and Motion/Impact detector, in addition to exceptional diagnostic information that states when, where and what tripped the security system.

When combined with the cellular phone interface and GPS, this system also provides easy tracking of stolen vehicles. The Clarion AutoPC will be shipping in limited quantities in Spring 1998 with mass production beginning in June 1998. Suggested retail price for the base unit is $1,299.

Clarion Corp. America, with U.S. headquarters in Gardena, Calif., has been an international leader in car audio and electronics since 1940. The company conducts research, development, engineering, design and manufacturing of entertainment, communication, security, computing and navigation systems products. In addition to more than 14,000 employees worldwide and manufacturing facilities in 10 countries, Clarion has marketing and sales affiliates in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Clarion is located on the Web at Clarion AutoPC information can be found at Other product and company names herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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