This page was written on a CE 1.0 device in Dec 1996, It's still useful but I'll try and get time to update this for the newer devices. My book has the up to date version in it

This is a page on How-To's on Windows CE, I've started off with how to connect to the internet and how to configure E-Mail, lots of screen shots so please be patient.

Email - How To

Starting from the Main Screen Double Tap on the Inbox Icon

Tap on Compose, Options (Ctrl + T)

The Options Dialog Box will come up

I've left these as defaults (compose, read, Deleted items)

Now onto the Important one, Services

Click Add, Select Internet Mail

A Unique Name (Service Provider for example) I've left this one as Mail

Step 1 of 3 user the Connection you've already setup for the internet. I've entered my mail host and user id and password.


Left this screen alone 

You might want to alter some of these options, once you've clicked on finished you will be taken back to the Installed Services Screen.

Now check the setup you've just created is highlighted Mail *

Tapping on Service and the Service you want to use (Mail) in this case.

OK, Now Dial up your service provider, This can be done by minimizing this inbox (Double tapping on the status bar icon), Then going into the communications group, Remote Networking then your connection. Once connected you'll be able to maximise The Inbox Group.

Tap on Service, Connect (Ctrl + Q), and hey presto headers of messages should appear!

If you see a message you are particularly interested in, highlight the message by tapping on it once, then click Service, Retrieve Full Text Copy.

O.K. That should be it, you should have email working, I'll haven't covered sending because that's the easy bit.

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