Windows CE 2.0 Pages

Here You'll find screen shots of almost every aspect of CE 2.0 for the Handheld PC, I'm collecting questions that people want answers to about CE 2.0, Mail me or fill out the online form to send all the requests then I'll update my FAQ with CE 2.0 information.

Sorry about the words over the pictures, but last time I spent a lot of doing pages, I wasn't very pleased at various people taking the pictures for their web sites, if you have a good reason why you want CE 2.0 Pictures and can't get them then ask me (Like if you are a journalist!), I normally say yes and I think I'm quite helpful!

These pages were done in 1998.


The Home of Windows CE 2.0 (Microsoft) - Visit it after you've looked at my site (please)

CE 2.0 Desktop

CE 2.0 Pocket Word

CE 2.0 Pocket Excel

CE 2.0 Pocket PowerPoint

CE 2.0 Pocket Internet Explorer

CE 2.0 Pocket Inbox

CE 2.0 Pocket Calendar

CE 2.0 Pocket Tasks

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