Free Software Links

Software Vendors - These have been split into product types.

Communications Software

Updated: 16th May 98AnyWare Consulting

Pocket Finance / Backgammon / Lots of quality software ***CHECK IT OUT***

HPC Vault - Retrieves files from those backup.stg on your desktop! **GET IT** It's so handy also sold by LandWare and distributed as part of their Productivity Pack

ToDo List - This can be used to quickly enter and organize a list of things to do

Database Viewer - allows you to view and remove H/PC databases from your desktop

Updated: 16th May 98 BSQUARE

Lots of Apps, Bfax, Bfind, Bprint, BmobileNews, Bmobilechat etc.

Visit them Often, Great software products

bMOBILE works with cellular digital packet data networks (mostly in the USA) and gives the user access to email and other internet resources with the cellular network. **Check it out **

Updated Before: 28th March 98Microcom

Pocket Carbon Copy for Windows CE lets you remotely access and control another PC, workstation, or NT server from anywhere. View and edit the other PC's screen directly from your handheld PC as if you were sitting right there. **Check it out **

Updated Before: 28th March 98Symantec

PC Anywhere for Windows CE - a household name in PC Remote Control

Updated Before: 28th March 98TBS Systems

SMS Master is an Inbox Add-in that allows you to do all sorts of clever stuff with Nokia Mobiles send/receive sms messages (from most Nokia Phones) and allows you to read name / phone numbers from the Nokia 3110 and 8110 mobile phones.

Updated Before: 28th March

Various Communications packages, including all sorts of emulations., PK,Vx and Medi-HPC are the names of these excellent products. PK, VX and Medi-HPC all support different emulations.

Vx-HPC - vxHpc emulates the Digital VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320 and Wang 2110A terminals and can communicate to the host via async. or TCPIP (telnet).

Updated Before: 28th March 98Chat IrDA

Chat over IRDA, other fun software on this site as well.

Database Software

Updated: 16th May 98Syware

The Only Database software you'll ever need. If you need to convert any ODBC database, MS Access, Excel, Sybase, Oracle (and all the hundreds of other odbc databases out there) to Windows CE database then this product does it. ***CHECK IT OUT***

Updated Before: 28th March 98SIMiN Business Systems, Inc

SIMiN Sales Force Automation Software, customers anxious to get started with their new HPC's can get a beta copy of SIMiN 32 which can export SIMiN data for the Windows CE HPC.

Updated: 16th May 98RiverRun Software Group

Mail on the Run allows you to use pocket inbox to talk with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, check it out

Check out their Corporate Connection product, it allows you to give full remote access to databases from Windows CE devices. trial version available for download **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98PICA

Pica's win2go database software.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Joey Technologies Inc.

Joey is a forms design and data collection toolkit for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

Updated Before: 28th March 98Chili!soft Reports

Chili!soft Reports - Power to the pepper - Well certainly the Strangest name of any CE applicatoin I've seen, Chili!reports Database Report generator (CE Edition) for Microsoft's IIS delivers database query results in Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheets over the internet - real documents in real time.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Bestware Computer Systems inc. Product Verification System

(P.V.S.) software is a Windows based data collection program. Versions for Window 3.1, 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, 4.0 AND the Windows CE platforms, not sure if this qualifies as a database product or custom application so I'll leave it here for now

Updated Before: 28th March 98Sunplan

dbdelete - be careful with this utility it lets you delete databases! including the internal ones.

Updated Before: 28th March 98PhatWare

This program allows you to browse and manage databases on your hpc.

Updated Before: 28th March 98AllPen

Mobile Forms Database, allows you to create database for Windows CE. bundled with some CE machines, allows you to create simple databases on the CE machines themselves.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Advance Systems

Advance Systems Limited produce ASL Connect, tools to connect CE Machines to Corporate Data, check out their site. **CHECK IT OUT**

Electronic Books

Updated Before: 28th March 98BSQUARE Development

bReady - A program to create and read Electronic Books on Windows CE hanhdeld PC's. This adds to the list of excellent software from BSQUARE. **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98ICL Software Technologies

Centrivex Bookworm - Allows you to read plain ascii text books on Handheld PC's - Even allows you to rotate the screens for easier viewing

Fax Software

Updated Before: 28th March 98BSQUARE Development

Bfax Pro - It's very likely that the "lite" version of Bfax came with your hpc, the professional version is well worth the upgrade, allows you to send and receive faxes. This product holds the unique position in being the first Microsoft Windows CE application to ship by a third party company. (Has it really been over a year already!) **CHECK IT OUT** Lots of other great software on the BSQUARE site as well.

Updated Before: 28th March 98BlueSkills

New fax software.

Financial Software

Updated Before: 28th March 98AnyWare Consulting

Pocket Finance - This software is compatible with Intuit's quicken and MS Money, It's can be bought on the LandWare site, but check out the anyware consulting site for lots of other great products for Windows CE. **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Applian Technologies

CoolCalc - A Calculator product, that does Business, Scientific, Business RPN and is also Programmable - make the buttons does exactly what you want! **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Landware - ***CHECK IT OUT***

Financial Consultant - Supports lots of financial features including depreciation, investment analysis etc,

FiscalPro - Financial Problem Solver, another feature rich package from landware

ProCalc ce - RPN calculator, with extended features such as radian / degrees and base conversions (and lots of other mathematical stuff far to clever for me!)

Lots of other financial applications availble from Landware

Updated Before: 28th March 98Odyssey

Pocket BizCalc for Windows CE is an emulation of the HP 12C, lots of features as you'd expect.

Pocket MBACalc is an product that emulates the TI financial calculator

Updated Before: 28th March 98Surerange Analysis

Pocket Solver - Allows you to solve equations without needing to edit the equation constantly, very good problem solver (Although I'm not a mathematics professor!)

Pocket Convert - converts between lots of different information, including a custom currency converter, can be customised.

Updated Before: 28th March 98MVASoftware

Profiency! is a RPN Calculator with business, financial, statistical, scientific, engineering and programming funcionality. Emulates an HP 12C financial and most features on a HP 15C and even some of the programming bits of a 16C. lots of features and nice screen layouts.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Starfire Inc

QuoteTicker Bar - retrieves stock information from the internet without having to run a web browser

Updated Before: 28th March 98Iambic Software

Time Reporter - Allows you to record details of time spend on projects for billing purposes, supports various options including billing by the hour.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Ilium Software

Ewallet - This product makes it nice and easy to record details of cash withdrawals, very customisable - There are lots of buttons you can program, say maybe one says -30 or -10 or whatever amounts you normally withdraw then hit the button and it deducts the amounts, currency independant. **CHECK IT OUT**

Handwriting Recognition Software

Updated Before: 28th March 98Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC)

CIC, a leader in natural input technology Jot is specifically designed for easy input of handwriting on handheld pc's and other handheld devices, It uses the graffiti system and it's really small and very quick to learn. **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98ART

SmARTwriter Handwriting recognition software, worth a look, This Company is doing some pretty amazing stuff with voice and other technologies.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Paragraph Software

Calligrapher - A exceptionally feature rich product family, some say the best handwriting recognition for Windows CE.

International (character map software)

Updated Before: 28th March -

KeyMapPro - Allows you to enter various characters not normally available from your hpc keyboard, similar to to Charmap utility on Windows 95.

Updated Before: 28th March 98ArtSoft

Artsoft have written this Localization kit which supports:

keyboard layout switching for easy typing of national characters (like Internationals in Windows-95); national characters decoding for incoming e-mail massages sent with 7-bit encoding (Quated-Printable or Base64); easy keyboard layout adjustments for specific languages by user; font substituting in case of national code pages is not compatible with Windows CE built-in system font; Internet Explorer's font substituting for viewing national WWW-pages, I believe it supports more than just cyrillic.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Applian Technologies

Charmap Pro - Allows you to insert characters in any font **CHECK IT OUT**

Internet Programs

Updated Before: 28th March 98BSQUARE - have released several internet applications

bMOBILE CHAT - Great graphical IRC Client

bMOBILE News - feature rich News reader for WindowsCE **CHECK THEM OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Ruksun Software

Ruksun have released more internet software than anyone else, the list is long and the products are excellent. ***CHECK THEM OUT***

ScottyFTP - Graphical FTP Client

IMAP Force - First Mail package for CE to support IMAP4 Protocol

Telnet CE - A VT100 Emulation

TFTP Server - Make your hpc a tftp server.

NetForce - Finger, Whois, NS Lookup

WhackForce - An webgrabber, makes it easy to view websites whilst offline.

LDAP Force - LDAP Client for CE (I don't know much about this one)

Updated Before: 28th March 98IrcCE

IrcCE - a new IRC Client for CE, source code also availble!

Updated Before: 28th March 98Sprynet - Sprynet control panel for Windows CE

Sprynet were the first ISP to create a client software application for Windows CE, This companies commitment to Windows CE should make the other ISP's listen, The software is excellent and makes it really easy to get online and check email and browse the web, If you are looking for an ISP that fully understands Windows CE then you don't need to look any further than Sprynet.

This wonderful program allows you to transfer your Sprynet Desktop Settings straight to your Windows CE HPC, also logs you in with absolutely no user input required (other than double tapping the connection document or opening up a page in Pocket IE). It adds a control panel applet to enable you to modify settings etc. ****GET IT*****

Updated Before: 28th March 98Intrinsyc

A Software company doing some interesting stuff with hardware and software, definately worth a look also they have a web server live on the net running Windows CE!!

Updated Before: 28th March 98The following are various Internet Utilities on Japanese Sites, some have english versions but most are Japanese. Products include telnet, ftp, and other ports of unix utilities, Including ls.

Eiichiroh Itoh

Lots of Excellent Software, Includes Source Code in some cases!!, Includes Registry Editor (That you can run on CE Machine (ONLY USE Registry Editor's If you REALLY know what you are doing, it is possible to break everything!), Lots of Other Applications, Kanji Viewers, Train Programs etc etc. **MUST VISIT**

FTP Client by MAENO Yasushi - Character based ftp client.

Kazuhiko HIRAIDE hpc's software download page including Hotkey, WceLHA **NEW PAGE 27th May**, Sorry I can't read Japanese but I think this is the new location for Kazuhiko HIRAIDE's pages.

Masaki " Brahma " Tsumori windows ce pages

Yamada Kazuo 's Telnet Client and Other Pages

Mapping Software (gps etc.)

Updated Before: 28th March 98Agri-Logic

Windows GPS Mapping Software that runs on affordable Windows CE Computers.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Teletype GPS -

A Windows CE Version of TeleType GPS, available for all Windows CE machines and works with a wide range of GPS Hardware devices.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Microsoft

Microsoft Pocket Streets - Large number of maps from all over the USA excellent product with lots of features, looks absolutely wonderful in colour on a CE 2.0 device.

Medical Software

Updated Before: 28th March 98PHYSIX

PocketChart - The electronic medical record that fits in your pocket.

Updated Before: 28th March 98QRS Diagnostic

SpiroCard - Hardware / Software combination that allows the medical expert to perform spirometry testing.

Notepads - Text Jotter Applications

Updated Before: 28th March 98Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC)

Quicknotes - Allows you to easily write notes on the screen, uses special compression technology to keep the space taken up by each note to a minimum. **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Memo Sticker

A quick way of keeping little notes on your hpc

Updated Before: 28th March 98Landware

TakeNote - An intelligent notepad with lots of options including text notes, ink notes, phone memos and can launch other applications such as new contact, new task as well.

Quicktext - one of the first utilities that came out for Windows CE - allows you to enter commonly used text in any application, email signatures, addresses, lots of options. **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Phatware

HPC Notes - Another handy note program

HPC Spell - A Spell Checker for Windows CE (I've note tried this one - anyone any comments)

Updated Before: 28th March 98Surerange Analysis

Pocket Speller - Allows you to check the spelling of words, not integrated into built in MS Applications

Updated Before: 28th March

Jimmy Notepad - A notepad application that supports foreign characters and sticky shift amongst other features.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Marathon Software

PenScript - Ink based wordprocessor that supports graphics as well as direct handwriting on the screen,.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Ilium Software

Inscribe - A different way of entering text onto your hpc, if you don't like typing or handwriting recognition then this could be for you.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Cognitive Technology

Also called HPC Notes - A Notes organiser product that lets you store extra information with a note such as author, creation time /date, modified time / date, handles import and export of text as well.

PIMS - Contact Management Software

Updated Before: 28th March 98AnyWare Consulting

Address Exchange - Allows you to easily transfer contacts between hpc's, great for shows and conferences. **CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Symantec

Check out CE Versions's of their popular software, ACT for CE and the ACT Press Release

Updated Before: 28th March 98Odyssey

Pocket on Schedule - A really powerful contact manager, includes such features as multiple phone books, monthly / 6-8 monthly views and lots of other features.**CHECK IT OUT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Vancesoft

Accompli - Task manager aplpication, tracks tasks in a to-do list type format, can be used for time billing.

Utilities - The covers all sorts of programs

Updated Before: 28th March 98Casio Keyboard Driver Fix

Click What's New, Then follow the link, A Must GET for ALL OLD CASIO CE 1.0 Machine OWNERS **GET IT** - This came out in about march 97, so it may not be needed now.

Microsoft and CASIO have identified a problem that can affect battery life under certain circumstances. In some cases, if this problem happens when your battery reserves are low, the problem can cause you to lose the data in your Handheld PC

Updated Before: 28th March 98Ruksun Software

Shell Force - Get a command prompt on your hpc, commands like dir, copy all work

Launch Force - Another program launcher

Updated: 16th May 1998Pocket Dial4ME

Pocket Dial4Me written by Christian Zangl is your personal telephone operator. It is, in fact, even better than a real operator because it can access your contact list for you. You only have to know who you want to call and it will dial for you when you hold the handset over your HPC speaker. Supports such things as Manual Dialing (when DTMF dial tones are not available)

It also uses the Windows CE communication properties to know where you are dialing from, translating the telephone numbers accordingly and It will use only about 100kb on your HPC. *** GET IT ***

Updated:16th May 98Surerange Analysis

FreeMem 1.0 for the Windows CE Operating System. A freeware program that gives a running total of the free file and program memory (in KBytes).

Updated Before: 28th March 98Landware

Lots of small utilities, quicktext, launchbar and others **CHECK IT OUT**

Recently Added the Productivity Pac, which includes FindForce, HPC Vault, Pocket Dialer, NewTask, NewContact, QuickText and LaunchBar (all of them for just $39.95!!)

Updated Before: 28th March 98Open Software

Various CE Software - includes oPenStop, a stopwatch program and other software coming soon

Updated Before: 28th March 98SunPlan Software

DB Delete for Windows CE - allows you to delete those unwanted databases.

Updated Before: 16th May

Lots and Lots of utilities,

Quickmenu - Allows you to launch applications quickly

Appointment Database Search (Calendar Search) application both are free but in beta **GET IT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Martin Gaedke's Pages

Martin has written a couple of utilities including a HPC Registry Query Tool and a pmail password reader

Updated Before: 28th March 98Steve Miller's Home Page

Pocket Unzip and Other Applications for Windows CE **GET IT**

Updated Before: 28th March 98Windows Magazine

Maintained by John Ruley, These pages have a FAQ and some software to download.

Martin Heller's Egg Timer Application

Martin is a regular Columnist at Windows Magazine, Author of various books and Windows Programming Expert

Updated Before: 28th March 98DDM Europe

some more backgrounds for Windows CE

Updated Before: 28th March 98B&B Systems Mini Basic

Makers of Pocket Basic, Mini Basic is the cut down version for free download

Updated Before: 28th March 98Basicce and ceWeb

Basice is a full implementation of the BASIC language for Microsoft Windows CE. Basice features include support for floating point, long variable names, procedures, functions, a user extensible run time extension library, and the ability to draw graphics.

ceWeb - You are looking at one of the world's smallest, most portable world wide web servers. Now you can use your Windows CE Handheld PC to host your own web site for fun and profit.

Updated Before: 28th March 98Capture CE

A Screen Capture Utility for Windows CE 1.0

Updated Before: 28th March 98Zeode

Various CE Utilities including - Palmpad - Very simple text editor, Memory and battery meter, games and other small utils.

Updated Before: 16th May 98Tarot card freeware

Tarot software supports three type of spreads, and the displayed card meanings are automatically reversed for you when the card is dealt reversed. (It's free).