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This sections covers Infocom Classic Games - I've included links to the sites that have demos / emulators and general information, I don't know much about these games / sites but there are several excellent descriptions of the emulators and the formats of the games themselves listed below, so explore and have fun

Ian Dean has ported the Emulator - Good place to start! (Like to download the emulator) Ian Dean's Frotz CE page

Here is a what zork1 looks like on CE!

I've included the links / section from the previous page here for reference

Ian has written this emulator for CE so you can play all those classic games from the eighties, see the links above to get the games

Infocom Game Information

Want to find everything about these classic games, now they run on CE, also has tips and cheats **CHECK IT OUT**

Activision Download Page

Activision bought the rights to Infocom Games download zork1 and zork2 from here

Frotz Emulators Home Page

Chris Madsen runs this page which links to Frotz Versions for various other platforms including Windows 95, MSDOS etc

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