Last Updated: 12th April 1999

I've deleted a lot of the dead links from this page now.

I get asked quite a few times why these pages aren't as up to date as people would like, well I started doing these comparison charts and putting the hardware specs of machines up on my site when vendors didn't have the information on their own sites. Now that most vendors take the web very seriously and have all the details on their pages, I don't feel it necessary to repeat all the information here. So instead of all the details, you'll find a few pictures and then links to the source of the information the hardware vendors sites. Also if other webmasters have better information than I do on a particular topic I'll usually link to their site rather than re-do the work.

I was going to do a comparison table for all the new H/PC machines running Windows CE Professional edition but the folks at Pen Computing have already done an excellent one, so here is the link Pen Computing magazine.

At the bottom of this page I've done a small comparison table with all the CE 2.0 machines on it, I hope it views o.k., I've not included every possible feature / add on etc. I've included links to all the hardware vendors pages so you can get the information directly from them (they have more resources and time than I do)

March 99 - Hp have just released the HP 680LX, It's an absolutely great machine, about the same size of the 320LX, but with a 640x240 colour screen, Compact Flash and PCMCIA Slots and still there is room for a built in modem! Loads of details on the hp site.

Full Specs of all the Handheld PC machines that are running Windows CE H/PC Professional Edition can be found here at the Pen Computing magazine site.

 Full CE 1.0 Machines Specifications and Pictures are available here.

Hewlett Packard

HP have won lots of notable firsts in the last couple of years in the Windows CE arena, check out their site.


Ericsson are an HP OEM but they add lots of value to the devices in terms of extra software and cellular phone connectivity.


Cassiopeia A-10/A-11 was the First Windows CE Device to ship and they newer machines are pretty good as well.

Casio New Zealand **Better than the Main Casio site (In My Opinion)**


VELO - Lots of interesting features

Philips Velonet

For Registered Philips Users - Latest technical information for Velo Owners

Velo Solutions

Velo Solutions, a web site for solution providers on the Velo Platform.

LG Electronics

Phenom Ultra and Phenom Express



They made the SH-3 and SH4 Processors


Their first PC Companion was an OEM'd Casio, but their newer CE machines are lots more interesting.


The NEC MobilePro, click on "New Exceptional Cool" then Click on "MobilePro Handheld Personal Computer"

NEC MobilePro 450 was their CE 1.0 offering and things just got much better with their MobilePro 750C machine, the new MobilePro 800 H/PC Pro is a great machine, but sadly not available in the UK.

NEC Mobile Pro Page

NEC Technical Support Pages on the MobilePro 800 Page

NEC Technical Support pages - All MobilePro's - Check out all the MobilePro's from here

NMI Electronics Ltd

Developers of Embedded Systems need to be able to reach the marketplace quickly with cost effective and innovative solutions built on a foundation of proven and supportable components. In partnership with NMI Electronics Ltd., developers can achieve these goals ahead of the competition. (As well as being a hardware design company, they also do software work as well)

Socket Communications

Makers of PCMCIA Serial cards and recently joined with Cetronic of Sweden. Just announced details of Bar Code wand for CE. A Bar Code Wand Solution that will integrate with in built CE applications such as Excel as well as database products from companies such AllPen and FormLogic from Wright Strategies.

Socket Communications, Inc. develops and sells connection solutions for mobile computers, including PC Card hardware and software for wireless messaging, a family of Serial PC Cards and Ethernet PC Cards. Socket’s PageCard® is a PC Card alphanumeric pager that downloads wireless data to a mobile computer. The PageSoft® library includes development tools and middleware, send and receive applications, plus rules-based e-mail forwarding agents. Socket’s connection solutions are based on its HIS chip technology featuring extremely low power consumption, making them ideal for battery-operated mobile computers and handheld devices. Details about Socket’s product family can be found on Socket’s web site at


wireless network group, useful for my USA Visitors

Proxim Make a large number of network products the wireless cards are particularly interesting with drivers included in Windows CE on the H/PC Professional machines.
Pretecmake a massive number of PCMCIA cards including CompactFlash 56k modem cards, well worth checking out their full range of products.
M Systems

M-Systems Inc., a pioneer in flash data storage solutions, TrueFFS® for the Microsoft® Windows® CE platform.


Makers of PCMCIA Memory Cards and Flash Memory

Comparison of CE 2.0 machines

  Manufacturer   Casio   Casio   Compaq   Ericsson   HP   HP   Hitachi   Hitachi
  Model   Cassiopeia A20, PA-2500   PA2400U   Cseries 810, 2010C (colour)   MC16   360LX   620LX   HPW-20E   HPW-200EC
  Weight   15.2oz   13.4oz   13.9 (mono) /15.4oz   16oz   16oz   20.6   16.1oz   29.95oz!
  Dimensions (inches)   7.25x3.7x1   7x4.2x.85   mono 3.93x7.32x1.35 colour 3.93x7.32x1.61   7.2x3.6x1.1   7.2z3.6x1.1   7.8x4.1x1.4   7.7x4.3x1.1   9.9x5.2x1
  screen   640x240   480x240   640x240   640x240   640x240   640x240   640x240   640x240
  Colours   4 grey   4 grey   4 grey (810) / 256 colour (2010C)   16 grey   16 grey   256 colours   16 grey   256 colours
  RAM   8Mb   8mb   16mb   8mb   8mb   16mb   8mb   16mb
  CPU   80Mhz SH3   80Mhz SH3   75Mhz R31700 Mips   60Mhz SH3   60Mhz SH3   75Mhz SH3   80Mhz SH3   100Mhz SH3
  Modem   No   No   33.6k Software   No   No   No   21.6 Software   33.6 Software
  Battery   2 AA   2 AA   2 AA or NiMH   2 AA   2 AA   Proprietary   2 AA   Proprietary

  Manufacturer   LG   LG   LG   Novatel   NEC   Philips   Sharp   Sharp
  Model   Phenom   Phenom +   Phenom Ultra   Contact &nb MobilePro 700/750   Velo 500   HC4000/HC4100   HC4500
  Weight   16.1oz   16.1oz   29.95oz!   16oz   24oz/28.8oz   14oz   14.5/14.5oz   17.3oz
  Dimensions (inches)   7.7x4.3x1.1   7.7x4.3x1.1   9.9x5.2x1   7.7x5.7x1.2   9.6x4.8x1.2   6.75x3.75x1.25   7.3x3.7x1.0   9.6x4.8x1.2
  screen   640x240   480x240   640x240   640x240   640x240   640x240   640x240   640x240
  Colours   16 grey   16 grey   256 colour   4 grey /256 colour   16 grey   16 grey   16 grey   256 colours
  RAM   8Mb   8mb   16mb   4mb   8mb (grey) / 16Mb Colour   16mb   4mb(4000)/8mb(4100)   16mb
  CPU   80Mhz SH3   80Mhz SH3   100Mhz SH3   80Mhz SH3   VR4102 - 54Mhz / VR4111 - 80Mhz   Philips 75Mhz Mips   Philips 73.7Mhz Mips (Both)   Philips 73.7Mhz Mips
  Modem   21k software   21k software   33.6k Software   CDPD, Optional 14.4   33.6k Software   28.8 Software   33.6k Software   33.6k Software
  Battery   2 AA   2 AA   Proprietary lithium   Proprietary   2 AA/Lithium ion colour   2 AA   2 AA   Proprietary

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