Hewlett Packard 300/320LX Information Pages

Here are the Box Contents / CD-ROM Contents

  • HP Registration
  • Install HP PIM Translation
  • bFAX PRO
  • Mail on the Run! Remote access for Corporate Email(US/Canada Only)
  • Odyssey Contact Management
  • Maximiser Contact Management
  • Allpen Mobile Forms Database
  • Wyndma/CE Wireless Service (US ONLY)
  • IKON Mobile CHOICE Wireless internet access (US ONLY)
  • Microsoft Pocket Streets (US ONLY)
  • The README is accessible from the graphical install utility on the CD-ROM, here are the headings / introduction

    This is the Read Me file for the HP CD-ROM. This file provides tips and describes known problems and suggests possible solutions. If you experience a problem with the HP Palmtop PC, you should read this file as well as the HP Palmtop PC Essentials Guide and the Microsoft Handheld PC User's Guide which are included in the product box. When you have finished reading this file, click on the Next button.

  • HP 320LX (as you might expect)
  • Power Supply (Nice compact unit, approx size Input 100-240V ~0.3A 50/60Hz Output 5.25v 1.5A
  • Docking Cradle - With detachable serial cable (cable 1 1/2 metres long), nice if you only want to take the serial cable with you.
  • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries (Energizer)
  • 2 x CDROMS - 1 Microsoft, 1 HP (See below for cd-rom contents)
  • 2 x Manuals - HP Palmtop PC Essentials Guide and the Microsoft Handheld PC User's Guide
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide, How-TO install batteries, Setup the unit, quick tips on using the unit. lovely and clear.
  • 1 x Booklet titled "Solution Guide for the HP 300LX and HP 320LX Palmtop PC's" Over 60 pages of details on software available for Windows CE, 1 page per product.
  • <>Free Issue Offer for "Handheld PC Magazine - Check out www.thaddeus.com"

    CD-ROM Contents
  • Microsoft CD-ROM
    • HPC Explorer
      Schedule plus 7.0a
      Microsoft Pocket Streets (and ALL the MAPS)
      Exchange Updates
    HP CD-ROM - When you run this you are presented with a nice graphical installer application.
    README File Headings

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