The Internet Newsgroups are a great place to find help and here what others have to say about Windows CE. Depending on what news reader application you use, depends on whether these links will work. If they don't then configure your news reader to look at the relevant news server, most Internet providers who offer a news service (like 99% of them) carry the other groups below the msn ones. is the name of the news server that will allow you to connect and see these, here are the names of the newsgroups below.

These are the MSN newsgroups

msn.computingcentral.windowsce.general - Windows CE General Discussion - Windows CE News
msn.computingcentral.windowsce.devices.hpc - Windows CE Handheld PCs
msn.computingcentral.windowsce.developers - Windows CE Developers' Discussion
msn.computingcentral.windowsce.devices.palmpc - Windows CE Palm PC Discussion - General Windows CE Newsgroup

microsoft.public.windowsce - Microsoft's Windows CE newgroup

microsoft.public.windowsce.developer.betas - Developer newsgroup

Microsoft's Windows CE Site

Extremely useful and Lots and Lots of detailed information can be found here.


This is a fabulous site which is done in a journal format, detailing how someone uses Palm-size and HPCs. And their observations on the Windows CE **CHECK IT OUT** its great.

Handheld Med is a web site for physicians, medical students and healthcare professionals interested in using handheld computers. **CHECK IT OUT**

CE Gear

CE Globe

CNET! Windows CE Site

A great site, from those CNET! People.

Windows CE Resource Guide

A site with lots and lots of links to other CE Sites on the Internet.

PDA Software

This great PDA sites Windows CE software pages.

Lots of Windows software, good idea to check with the vendors pages if you want to ensure you have the latest versions.

CE City

A really nicely designed site, updated regularly

An Independant site, News page is excellent.


Another New Windows CE Site, Nice Design and interesting News Page


A new and exciting CE Site, updated regularly


A site that just concentrates on hpc's


MobileScape - A store selling all things Windows CE / Portables in Manhatten, Check out Hot Pocket Web site for more details


Windows CE Various Software being sold over the net, updated regularly, owned by Philips

Jake's CE and Palmtop Pages

Jake has some excellent information he collects from show's etc, He helped me out by getting me the Hitachi and NEC Datasheets, he even sells videos of the show's really cheap as well, **MUST VISIT**

HPC User Group of Washington, DC

Name of this site says it all.

Handheld PC Magazine Online

Check it out as Hal has written an excellent article on the HP WindowsCE Device.An Upcoming Magazine for WindowsCE Users, If It's as good as the HP Palmtop Paper, it should be excellent.

Russ's Windows CE Pages

Russ has tips on using GSM Cell Phones with CE, and other useful tips

Hot Pocket

A site of interest to Palmtop and Handheld PC Users, Nice job with the graphics of the In-built Applications, want to see what Pocket Word, Excel, Calendar etc look like, check this out.

Chris De Herrera

Chris's site has lots of FAQs and Technical information, as well as pictures of the units


Lots of excellent information available for Developer's for Windows CE, and also the main Site, developers information for lots of platforms.

Lots of useful information on HPC's and Other PDA's including Apple Newtons.

PDA Page

These folks sell lots of PDA's and Accessories

PDA Direct's Comparison Chart

Nice site and this takes you to there comparison chart on pda's

The Windows CE Online Helpdesk

provides quick and free tech support for Windows CE.

The PC Webopædia on windowsce
Wince Online Kenny's Pages
The Netforce WindowsCE pages

Not Much here (3rd March) but I'm sure it will get bigger

Windows 97 Zone

Some good links here for windows users generally

Frank condron's World O'Windows

Windowsce pages **Excellent Site** Also check out his Windows Sites, a must visit.

Tokuya Kudo' s Site

EXCELLENT SITE Japanase Only, but some excellent pictures.

Todd's Windows CE Information Compendium

Nice site with lots of information and links on one page