Bill Gates Keynote Speech at WinHEC 97

Very Interesting Reading IMHO **MUST READ**

Socket Communications

Makers of PCMCIA Serial cards and recently joined with Cetronic of Sweden. Just announced details of Bar Code wand for CE. A Bar Code Wand Solution that will integrate with in built CE applications such as Excel as well as database products from companies such AllPen and FormLogic from Wright Strategies.

Socket Communications, Inc. develops and sells connection solutions for mobile computers, including PC Card hardware and software for wireless messaging, a family of Serial PC Cards and Ethernet PC Cards. Socket’s PageCard® is a PC Card alphanumeric pager that downloads wireless data to a mobile computer. The PageSoft® library includes development tools and middleware, send and receive applications, plus rules-based e-mail forwarding agents. Socket’s connection solutions are based on its HIS chip technology featuring extremely low power consumption, making them ideal for battery-operated mobile computers and handheld devices. Details about Socket’s product family can be found on Socket’s web site at

Connect US

ConnectUS Wireless Communications - Operates on the ARDIS network - Check out this site, if you are interested in Wireless Access, site says excellent coverage

Eclipse International

Eclipse International, Inc. is a technology company specializing in high- quality software and hardware solutions based on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. Eclipse has developed software expertise, off-the-shelf and application-specific hardware system products, Windows CE training programs, and consulting services to enable original equipment manufactures (OEMs), system integrators, and independent hardware and software vendors to quickly develop Windows CE products and bring them market.

Eclipse are NOW Doing training Courses on Windows CE

Go America

GoAmerica Communications Corp, a wireless Internet and intranet service provider, is now offering commercial availability of their service using the Microsoft® Windows® CE platform, running a fully integrated application called AirBrowse mobility solution, Bellcore announced today. AirBrowse is part of Bellcore’s AirBoss™ family of advanced software solutions for mobile end users.

James Cummiskey's The Pegasus Machine and Operating System

James has written his Master's Thesis entitled "INTERNETWORKING: THE INTEROPERABILITY OF COMMERCIAL MOBILE COMPUTERS WITH THE USMC DIGITAL AUTOMATED COMMUNICATIONS TERMINAL (DACT)". It contains much information that may be of value to those interested in the dynamic field of mobile computing. The Whole Thesis The pertinent chapter VII "THE PEGASUS MACHINE AND OPERATING SYSTEM." was written when James was one of the original ISVs in the Microsoft Pegasus Beta program--much of it is still very very relevant, For those of you who may ask what is Pegasus, it was the Microsoft Codename for Windows CE

Compaq / Casio Memory Upgrade Instructions

Dan has scanned in the Memory instructions that came with the Compaq Memory upgrade

Locus One

LocusOne is a new service that puts you in control of all aspects of modern communications: phone, fax, email, and internet - all wirelessly though your laptop or palmtop computer. Windows CE Software Available for download Download Locus One Software for Windows CE.

DTS Wireless

Founded in 1992, DTS Wireless is a leading provider of wireless messaging services for laptop and palmtop computer users. The company is based in Woodbridge, N.J. Major shareholders in the company include L.M. Ericsson and the founders of RAM Mobile Data. ZAP-IT wireless communications service for laptop, palmtop, and PDA users.Nationwide connectivity services to RAM Mobile Data and its customers over the DTS Wireless long-distance Mobitex compatible wireless network. Windows CE software is available.

Wynd Communications Corp

WyndMail for Windows CE, announced November 18th at Comdex Fall '96 in Las Vegas, is one of the first wireless applications available for the new Handheld PC (HPC) platform introduced the same day by Microsoft Corporation. A Wireless Extension of the platform's built-in In-box, WyndMail adds wireless e-mail, faxing, paging, and text-to-voice capabilities to Windows CE-based HPCs.

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