Craig's Products of the Month - April 1998

I've been meaning to update my site for quite a while now, and this idea has been kicking around in my head for ages, so here it is, Craig's Products of the Month.

As there are thousands of new Windows CE Users every day, I've decided to dedicate this section of my site to software that I've personally reviewed and used, and give you an overview of the products.

I'm going to take a look at some software that's new and also some software that's been out for a while. I hope you enjoy these pages, and please do give me some feedback

The products so far on my list this month are Ilium's Ewallet and listpro, Bsquare's - BMobileNews

Updated: 15th April 98 BSQUARE - bMOBILE News

BMobile News is as the name suggests a news reader for Windows CE, well to say this product is packed full of features would be an understatement, I'm not sure how they managed to fit them all in, bMOBILE News is an offline newsreader, so you can download all those favourite articles from the newsgroups and read and reply to them whilst offline, and then you can send them whenever you like.

All the features you normally use on the desktop are supported, signatures, reply-to, the ability to view only unread messages, find articles, filter out unwanted messages, multiple server support, online help, quick tips. As you might expect from Bsquare they have included the ability to double tap url's embedded in news messages to launch pocket Internet Explorer and have full integration with pocket inbox (pocket mail) as well as many other features.

I found some pleasant suprises when looking in the Tools, Options, screen the folks at BSQUARE have thought of everything. Autodialing, disconnect when done, etc. One of my favourite options is the fact that I can download messages straight to a storage card.Here's a few screen shots so you get the idea.

Updated: 15th April 98 ILIUM Software - eWallet

ILIUM have produced some excellent software for CE and eWallet is probably there best product yet, the philosophy behind eWallet is relatively simple, people carry an awful lot of scraps of paper and membership cards around in their wallets, (Women carry a lot more than men), How many credit cards, phone cards, store cards, healthcare information, phone numbers, taxi cards, voice mail access how-to's, colleagues business cards and home phone numbers, web sites? etc etc. well you get the idea. How many of those do you need to carry, a few of course but all the others, how do you store them index, keep track of them, find them easily?

In step eWallet, with careful attention to detail and some really lovely touches on the User interface, the ability to export information, print, to have categories and choose to have them password protected or not, you can be assured to have them nice and safe. One of my favourite features is that you can set a timeout period of say 5 or 10 minutes, and then eWallet will automatically close, keeping your information nice and safe.

Pen Computing Columnist Dan Hanttula called eWallet "One of the best handheld applications that he has ever used!" and I'd firmly agree.

Updated: 15th April 98 ILIUM Software - listpro

ILIUM have produced another program again emphasizing the design goals of Windows CE this time ListPro, well yes it's all very easy making list's but how many people still do them on pieces of paper, well with ListPro from Ilium, anything can be made into lists, I've used it for morning checks that I have to do on the computer systems at work, Shopping lists and general reminders of all sorts of things. As you can see from the screen shots, check boxes, ordered lists, descriptions, notes etc . all make it another feature rich and excellent application. You don't actually realise how useful this application is, until you use it for a few days, I'm now checking stuff from lists on my hpc rather than from memory like I used to!

Page Published on 15th April 1998

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