I put this page together so you could see the Microsoft Games Pack(and also for links to other games as well). The MS Games Pack is not available in all countries.

This is the Games Pack version 2.0 for CE 2.X devices. shown on the H/PC Pro.

BlackJack, Chess, Codebreaker, Freecell, Hearts, Mimesweeper, Reversi, Sink the Ships, Space Defense and Taipei make up the Entertainment pack version 2.0, It will install on HPCs, and Palm-size PCs. I've shown the Colour version of some of them below. Not all of them look this great on the big screen, I was hoping Mimesweeper would be enhanced for the big screen so to speak, but anyway they still all play pretty good. I've only shown four of the games here, Space Defense, Sink the Ships, Solitaire and Reversi.

Other vendors games links are at the bottom of this page.

Anyware Consulting

Backgammon - A great game and it's free!!! - Makers of other great software as well, check them out.

Scott's Page

Space Invaders and Chess are both available from Scott's pages. Get them they are great.

DDM Europe

some more backgrounds for Windows CE

Ziff Davis

A site dedicated to handheld PCs and Windows CE includes news articles related to HPCs, frequently asked questions about Windows CE, a collection of Windows CE wallpaper and sounds to download.

Thieves and Kings

This collection of card games for the hpc is really good, hopefully their other titles will be available soon as well - check it out


Sixxac have released LOCE - Life on CE, worth a visit, their other software is excellent

KRÜGER Softwareentwicklung

These folks have written a version of backgammon for CE, and other games as well including Cruel,

Solitary, Tetragon , Yachtzee

15 Puzzle

Not Checked out - any comments

Panoramic Software



Astro HTML

Mark Gamber


John Kennedy'sSticky.net

Some great games check them out - TankZone, Master Brain


BFM Software

BFM Casino

Golem Software

Drop 4 , Comet Defense , Pocket CW , Pocket ScoreBoard

Reversi 98




Sabotage, Martians

Palm GameBoy

Virtual Gameboy


Pipe Dream



These are by various japanese authors

Blocks, RobotCE.


The folks at Applian have written lots of Windows CE software including Blox a Tetris™-like game for your Handheld PC and Windows CE.

Surerange Analysis

The chaps are Surerange (with their friends at Buildcomm) have produced Pocket Plumber for CE.

Purple Software The Writers of the Excellent Chess Program **GET IT**, also available are Backgammon and Chinese Chess, all Purple Software Products are available to buy online from Mobilesoft
Cranbury Software

Video Poker - Only $9.95 from the MobileSoft Site, Watch out for more card games from these folks **GET IT**

Caribbean Stud Poker

A Windows® CE implementation of the gambling casino Caribbean Stud Poker game. Caribbean Stud Poker provides a playing experience similar to both Blackjack and Video Poker.

Ilium Software

Ilium's 8 in One Game Pack 1 - Check it out.

Jimmy's Software

Jimmy Ark - A game similar to Archanoid

Games Emulators Section

This sections covers Infocom Classic Games - I've included links to the sites that have demos / emulators and general information, I don't know much about these games / sites but there are several excellent descriptions of the emulators and the formats of the games themselves listed below, so explore and have fun

Ian Dean has ported the Emulator - Good place to start! like to download it

I've included screen shots just here.

Ian Dean's Frotz CE page

Ian has written this emulator for CE so you can play all those classic games from the eighties, see the links above to get the games

I've included some screen shots of the games and the emulator, Click here for the pictures

Infocom Game Information

Want to find everything about these classic games, now they run on CE, also has tips and cheats **CHECK IT OUT**

Activision Download Page

Activision bought the rights to Infocom Games download zork1 and zork2 from here

Frotz Emulators Home Page

Chris Madsen runs this page which links to Frotz Versions for various other platforms including Windows 95, MSDOS etc

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