Reviews Page

There are so many great Magazines and news sites available for Windows CE now, here are links to lots of them. One of the best sources of reviews is the MSN Computing Central site as that as well as the newsgroups are constantly being updated by Todd. Check out the Links Page for more links

PC Plus

A great magazine, covering all aspects of computing, check out the mobile world section.

Windows CE Power

Windows CE Power is a new online magazine, with some great reviews and interviews.

Handheld PC Magazine

The first publication to be dedicated to Windows CE, lots of tips and links on their pages.

CE Lair

Another great CE site, wonderful news page.

CE wire

Another good site



Just a fabulous publication, lots of different opinions on all aspects of pen based computing.

PDA Dispatch

You can usually find new information here before anywhere else.

Mobile Insights

Great and well respected look into the future of mobile computing, Industry standard awards **CHECK IT OUT**

PDA Mart

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