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Lots of Links to Windows CE Sites and Vendors, And a how to configure Email / Internet Access. This is my Windows CE Page with lots of links that I hope you will find useful. If you know of any links I've missed then please email me

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Symantec's ACT Trial Version available for Download NOW! ***GET IT***

I've just written my own Completely Unofficial FAQ

HP Pictures are HERE

Games Pack Screen Shots

Philips Velo Section / Pictures etc.

I've Just done some Pocket IE Versions of this site

HP 300LX's and 320LX's Are Shipping in the UK, HP First CE Vendor to ship over here.

To Make life Easier I've setup this Search Script, to Search for multiple words type in: word1 space word2 space word3 e.g. hp 320lx pictures

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How To Configure Internet Access

How To Configure Email

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